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Jiang Tiefeng Proud Mother

Jiang Tiefeng

Jiang Tiefeng Lion

Jiang Tiefeng has created a vehicle for his exotic vision through rich color technique and love of line.  Jiang expresses himself forcefully through dancing lines which ambiguously interweave figures and field.  The Father of the Yunnan School of Art, Jiang Tiefeng graduated from the  Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, on the eve of the Cultural Revolution.
As the country began to succumb to the mandates of the Maoist regime, Jiang Tiefeng was blessed to spend a productive period in the Yunnan region of China.  Little did Jiang Tiefeng realize that as he struggled away painting by moonlight and destroying or torching his work by daylight, that he was giving birth to a new art genre.
The stories Jiang Tiefeng tells with his paintings hark back to the influence of the cave art he studied while in China.  An ingenious blend of cubism, facile work with line to demonstrate depth, steeped in traditions of Chinese indigenous culture, but portrayed in deep rich non-traditional colors, the artwork of Jiang Tiefeng has blossomed under a free democracy.
More than thirty years have passed since Jiang Tiefeng first reached the friendly shores of the USA.  His body of work after being released from the handcuffs of the Cultural Revolution has granted us insight into the important motifs of China through a highly unique lens.
Jiang Tiefeng is a storyteller. His paintings are steeped in Buddhist and Chinese mythology. Each figure has a symbolic meaning. The works have so much complexity and visual fascination that the viewer is constantly seeing something new. Jiang Tiefeng says “For every picture there is a story, and for every story there is a picture.” The secret and essence of the work of Jiang Tiefeng is best expressed by the artist himself: “An artist is not a photographer; my work is my understanding of life. It is difficult for me to remember what distances I have traveled, how many mountains I have climbed, how many rivers I have crossed, and how many villages I have passed through. I can only recall the countless joyous moments and hardships of the past years from the many pictures I have painted. My deep love of the colorful earth and for Xishuangbanna, a region of the Yunnan Province, has encouraged me to explore and create unceasingly. Such a mysterious land blessed with unique beauty offers innumerable subjects to be painted. My paintings are not only pictures, they are also music and poetry that is bewitching, sweet dreams that are being dreamed.”

Jiang Tiefeng Vigilant
Jiang Tiefeng Beautiful Tomorrow
Jiang Tiefeng
Jiang Tiefeng Leopard
Jiang Tiefeng White Horse