Mario Jason exacts the closest possible control of all stages of the physical production of his work. This accounts for the unvarying high quality of each bronze sculpture.  The style of Mario Jason is traditional realism which makes it possible to express such quality, richness and classical attitude. Classicism is infused with the fantasy of dance, and it is the emotion of movement that captures the viewers of Mario Jason sculpture.
Every sculptor has a specific image or concentration with which he feels most comfortable. In the case of Mario Jason, dance is his muse. Mario Jason studied art at Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, and BAT-IAM, Israel.
Since the 1980's, Mario Jason's dance sculpture have attracted a worldwide audience of fans who revel in his magnificent bronze interpretations of dancers in motion. One of the characteristics that most distinctly sets Mario Jason apart from many of his contemporaries is his acute attention to detail,  the precision of the dance and the dancer. This is not only a result of Mario Jason's grasp of the human anatomy, but also because he involves himself in the entire process of his sculptures development. From the initial sketch to the final finishing, Mario Jason is completely proactive in the creative process. Mario Jason is a master sculptor depicting the dance and the dancer in a way that no other artist has with a dedication to the beauty and science of human movement.

Mario Jason

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