Mel Ramos Lola Cola

Sundook Fine Art Galleries

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Frank Stella West Euralia
Tuan Celebration
Alexander Calder Untitled
David Gerstein Endless Love

Sundook Fine Art Galleries was founded in 1979. Today we are one of the premier fine art galleries in the country. We feature original artwork, original paintings, limited editions, fine art prints, bronze sculptures and acrylic sculptures, all from the most highly acclaimed artists nationally and internationally. Our commitment to representing world renowned artists, with an unpretentious atmosphere, museum quality custom framing, and world wide shipping, has made us the choice of discriminating collectors.

Sundook Fine Art Galleries   561.266.3425 / 800.852.1343
Peter Max Umbrella Man
Charles Fazzino Invading the Heart of NYC
James Rosenquist Miles
Marc Chagall Le Bouquet De LArtiste
Joan Miro Barbare Dans La Nuit
Dale Chihuly Large Macchia
Tom Wesselmann Bedroom Blonde Doodle with Photo
LeRoy Neiman Frank Sinatra Duets
Romero Britto Dog with Bone
Michael Wilkinson Moonscape I Terra Luna
Erte Directoire