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Bill Mack

Bill Mack has been a master artist for more than 30 years. Bill Mack has created relief sculptures for collections and galleries worldwide.  Unquestionably the finest living relief sculptor, Bill Mack has revived the long-lost alto-relief methods used centuries ago in classical art and architecture.
Bill Mack has no mentors. There is nowhere to go to learn his art. No one teaches his technique. Sculptor Bill Mack works in such a rare art form that coming up with a name to describe it has been only slightly less arduous than creating the art itself.
An American relief sculptor, Bill Mack is viewed by some to have been "unparalleled in one hundred years" in figurative sculpture. Romance-filled Bill Mack relief sculptures are living, breathing works that appear to emerge from the material behind.
The materials Bill Mack has developed combine the elegance and precision of a cast bronze without the weight that is inherent in the media. Bill Mack works with materials ranging from snow-white sand, bronze, and materials that evoke travertine marble. The impact of Bill Mack's art is achieved not only by his dramatic portrayal of the human form, but also by the utilization of a wide variety of materials with which to execute his artistic vision. The final work emerges as a classic example of the interplay of form and materials. Bill Mack is truly a pioneer in the art world.